O Lord, save Thy people

Friday, 05 September 2014 00:00

Orthodox Cross on the Kuril islandsIn September 2014 at the framework of the "Orthodox Expedition" All-Russian programme an orthodox cross will be installed at the most southeast point of our Motherland, the island of Anuchin called in honor of the famous Russian geographer, anthropologist and ethnographer Dmitry Nikolaevich Anuchin. The installation is blessed by archbishop Southern Sakhalin and Kuril Tikhon.

Orthodox Cross on the Kuril islandsOn the granite basis of the cross the text is beaten out:

"O LORD, SAVE THY PEOPLE. This cross will be erected in summer 2014 in commemoration of the Russian presence on the Kuril Islands, in glory of the Russian Navy and geographical discoveries connected with it. All-Russian program "Orthodox Expedition". Moscow State University of geodesy and cartography (MIIGAiK). Southern Sakhalin and Kuril diocese. Russian Geographical Society".

We should note the importance of not just gained spiritual experience and received scientific information, but also the spiritual and educational work directed on the formation of consciousness of future generations. Today strong boundaries of our state is a starting point to sustainable development of Russia.